Image Editing for business

Image Editing What is Image editing? Altering any kind of image whether it is a digital or hard copy from its original form with the use of one or many tools or software is image editing. Images captured by any kind of scanners or cameras may not be good-looking and perfect. But editing an image … Continue reading Image Editing for business

A short guide on SEO

SEO An allover guide on SEO Welcome to SEO 101. If you are here, then you are interested in learning about SEO and want to work on SEO for your website and you are most likely a beginner. Don’t worry, in this guide, we will brush over every major point of SEO so that you … Continue reading A short guide on SEO

eCommerce Business

eCommerce Business What is eCommerce eCommerce or electronic commerce is a way by which people can buy & sell things over the internet. It is a digital version of catalog mail-order shopping and it can be done with almost every digital device like tablets, smartphones, or computers. Anything people can think of there is a … Continue reading eCommerce Business